Your Dog Isn't Broken - Your Dog is a Dog!

Your Dog Isn't Broken - Your Dog is a Dog!

There is so much that comes with being a responsible dog owner. It is much more than simply feeding, watering, and vetting your dog. It is building a bond, training, and providing physical activity and mental stimulation for your dog as well. Most dog owners of today understand this and will do everything they can to start their puppies off on the right foot. However, not every dog owner understands the best practices for setting their puppy up to become a great dog. Also, most of the general population have quite busy lives and oftentimes, training and/or providing a sufficient amount of mental and physical stimulation can fall to the wayside. It is not uncommon.

When bringing a puppy or untrained older dog into your home, it is important to remember that your dog is taking in everything they possibly can about the environment around them. It is necessary for survival for animals to learn as quickly as possible what benefits them and what does not benefit them in any given environment. With proper and consistent guidance, you will quickly see the development of a dog that compliments your lifestyle and enriches your days. However, if you do not take the time to lay out clear and consistent rules for your dog, they will make their own. Furthermore, the likelihood of the rules your puppy makes for themselves being similar or in-line with your house rules are slim-to-none. Their nature is simply different from ours.

Take into consideration the very basic nature of any animal. All animals basic needs: food, water, sleep, safety-to name a few. When being placed in a new situation or environment these are the things an animal will start learning how to obtain very quickly. It is simply a matter of survival and comfort. On top of these very basic needs that every living thing requires, there are innate needs that are specifically canine, furthermore, that are specific to our breed. Most all dogs exhibit the instinctual urge to dig, chew, chase, etc. Each breed and each individual dog will show stronger tendencies towards one or a set of behaviors that we generally find upsetting and inconvenient to our lifestyle. Some of these behaviors are so strongly embedded in our dogs that they will rush straight into the face of danger, seemingly without any sense of self-preservation (I’m looking at you, Terriers).

The presentation of canine-specific behaviors are not evidence that your dog is “broken” or “bad”. They are, in fact, evidence that your dog is… well.. a dog. However, natural or not, this is why training is so important. Living with a dog can be one of the most frustrating or one of the most rewarding things you can do – and the difference depends on your devotion to applying sound training principles in your interaction with your dog that are designed to build and strengthen your relationship and you and your dog’s ability to compliment each other.

This is where we can help. At the Southern Hound Club, our goal is to show you how to harness these natural inclinations to benefit you and your dog. Attempting to smother a dog’s nature is neither fruitful or necessary to having a great pet.

Dog’s, by nature, will learn what behaviors benefit them in their surroundings whether we are actively teaching them or not. Start you and your dog’s relationship off on the right paw by letting us show you how to build a bond and lifestyle that benefits you both!