Southern Hound Academy

This program is designed to be an immersive four-week experience with collaboration between dog, trainer, and owner. We go out of our way to ensure that training is effective, fun, and uncomplicated.

four-week course for $1200


    Our program is uniquely designed to give full transparency, so the owner is able to see the progress their dog makes each day. This program is designed with careful consideration to avoid the common shortfalls that owners and their dogs experience with standard board and train programs.


    Your dog will spend Tuesday-Thursday in the Academy. You have the choice of bringing your dog home at the end of the day or they can board with us at no extra charge. Your dog will also participate in our Playcare program during the day. Think of this as recess for your dog!


    On Thursday, Nicholas meets with you and transfers the skills that he has taught your dog that week - sit, down, stay, place, loose leash walking, and come when called (recall). Depending on how quickly your dog progresses or already established skills, there may be time for elective skills.

Group Class


Join us for a group class that covers the seven fundamental skills your dog needs in order to build a solid foundation. These skills include: Name Recognition, Sit, Down, Heel, Come, Place, and Leave it. The course is divided into six sessions, each lasting an hour on Saturday mornings. We welcome dogs of all ages! A dog is never too old to learn new tricks, and puppies are actually a lot smarter than you might imagine!

6 once-weekly classes for $150

Our use of positive reinforcement tactics puts canine students at ease and eager to learn, providing a pleasant experience for both instructor and student.

Private Lessons


Too busy to attend weekly classes? Does your dog have issues that don't line up with the classes we offer? Is your dog perfect inside but a maniac once you open the door? If so, then our in-home training sessions are the best fit for you! We will work around your schedule to find the right time to set up training sessions so that you can reap the benefits while kicking off your shoes after a long week. Free consultation is included.


Dog Trainer

Nicolas hathaway

Nick, a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy, one of the most highly regarded dog training institutions in the nation, is a distinguished member of the American Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). The APDT mandates that its members uphold a strict code of ethics.

He is a certified professional dog trainer who has received recognition from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. His techniques align with the Humane Dog Training Position Statement established by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, which requires that all training instill an atmosphere of comprehension and confidence between owner and pet while being grounded in empathy, respect, and scientific research.

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If you would like to know more about theĀ American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior position statement on humane dog training, click the link below.

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